Human Conciousness – A Little Marble On The Horizon.

Life is nothing but a story. It’s a waste of time to take it seriously. What you think is important, often doesn’t even matter. Zoom out of your story, see your birth and death of this life and then the generations before or after you… and all their stories. And humankind. It’s an experience and not more. So what to do when all seems wrong and things happen that you judge as sad or unfair? Just start seeing each person in your life as a gift and notice that they came along many times before and that your lesson is to love and to be kind to everyone no matter how they behave. This might involve that you tell them what you do not like or won’t accept or you might even peacefully walk away. All this can be done in a loving way. Be aware that everyone is carrying their own burden. Also you don’t know what you might have done to them in previous lives. We might have forgotten the stories but they are deeply ingrained in us.


We are so much bigger than our human body could show. Everything is connected in the broader picture . Hatred is just an illusion. It is love covered in emotion. Be aware that you are responsible for your own action. You can handle a situation in all possible ways. Make a choice that involves your heart. Step away from thoughts even though they seem to dominate your life most of the time – they are just like all the other senses. You are not free as long as you don’t realise that each feeling is coming from your “self” and is not to be blamed on the outside. Whatever you don’t resolve in this life you carry into your next. There is no such thing as time. We just make up the future and past as thoughts in our heads for a safety that is pure illusion. It can be so hard to let go of that. What is left when you do? What is left when you no longer identify with the things you think you are? Like your name, the place you were born or the clothes you wear. What do people see ‘of’ you when you don’t say what you do. What would it be like to have a society where we are finding back to the importance of what we are and not what we do. A human being. A pure and wonderful soul dressed with a body. And this amazing vibration that we are is so fragile in its humanness. Every negative thought is felt. This involves your responsibility. What people say to you or do to you will not harm you unless you believe them. See the “negative stuff” in your life as a presentation of what you can work on next. Where are you damaging yourself by thinking or worrying? Feel the feelings and go within to see where they are originated. Rewrite your DNA. Live through your Sankaras and let go of what doesn’t serve you.
Your love is the strongest power. It’s the only thing we truly share, the only thing we truly are. The rest is story, an illusion. Rise above the bullshit that you have been telling yourself. You ARE worthy. You ARE unique. You ARE loved. Always. Don’t try to be someone else because you are perfect as YOU.


Spirit Bird – Xavier Rudd

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