Don’t be a raft. Become the river.

Music: Rest In Natural Great Peace -~- Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche.

Friends, we are allowed to just be. We can just be without doing anything and let our mind rest and settle in this. It might not be all clear to us yet but while sitting in deepest meditation the Buddha is the most powerful. That’s when things clear on an energetic level. Some of you might have noticed that before a meditation your mind often feels overloaded with anxiety and worry about your self in relation to the world. This anxiety disappears within meditation. And meditation can also mean to sit alone in nature or quietly just somewhere. To allow yourself that time will give you the chance to find the seed of your worries and to realise how small they actually are.


One thought might be taking over your complete day and occupy your life. It’s as if someone has switched on a blue light and all you see is blue. Wherever you look. And by sitting with this and not trying to fight it or run away from it you give yourself the chance to realise that it is not your core reality. You can find the truth behind it and discover the switch and once this has happened you are able to turn it off. This is when you find the seed of your misery called a ‘Sankara’. Observe it! Don’t react to it. Sit still and let it come to the surface. Our lives are filled with Sankaras from this life and from past lives and from our ancestor lines and from the issues of the world that we carry on our shoulders. Each moment you clear something inside you, you also clear it for many others. This is the most constructive work you can do for your self, humanity and the world itself.

By clearing yourself from your shadows that surround your light you are able to feel better and shine brighter. The result of this is that how you think is different and therefore what you do and how you are changes. You become more pure and compassionate and it will affect everyone who gets in touch with you. Once people start walking on that path their whole lives may change as their inside has started to heal and to evolve.
In this time, as you might have noticed, new jobs appear. More and more of us realize that a time of healing and sustainability has begun. We have to stop acting as part of this madness of the ego world. And I don’t mean that we have to ignore that we have an ego. We can take reality as it is. To wake up doesn’t mean to be enlightened but it is a beginning of a major shift.


Open your hearts. Allow the world to be peaceful and friendly by becoming peaceful and friendly yourself. Everything that follows from here will be the opportunity for you to do what is really needed in this world. You no longer have to do anything or act a certain way to keep yourself busy to feel worthy or to ‘make a living’. You actually start living. You are not a raft. You become the river. Don’t try to hold on to the shore. There is no shore.

I love you.

Lena xx